Local law enforcement is a key part of a community. They keep us safe, we call them when we are in trouble and they are the first people to arrive when you are in need. It’s important for our community to show appreciation, so we make it a concern to do so.

Saturday, September 22nd was Lifting Up THPD. This was a non-profit powerlifting competition in honor of our fallen officers. All proceeds were donated to the Terre Haute Police Department. GNC and Terre Haute Fitness Center worked together for this event to help us not forget about the officers that left us too soon.

If you are not a powerlifter yourself, there were no worries. Bystanders were able to attend this event for free and donations were always welcomed. In fact, donating during the event gave one a chance to win a prize. How cool was that?

Here at GraphicFX we enjoy doing what we do – making shirts (and much more of course), but what we especially love doing is completing orders that have a heartwarming meaning. We appreciate any business that lets us be apart of a special event like Lifting Up THPD and we hope we can be apart of yours.