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5 Star Customer Service Representatives

Each of our customer service representatives showcase unique talents and backgrounds. Take a moment and read more about your customer service rep to see how and why they go above and beyond!

Stephanie McKay

Stephanie McKay

Fitness & Racing Expert

Stephanie is best known as the co-owner of Graphic FX. For the past 20 years she has worked alongside an excellent team to build our brand and create the best possible product for our loyal customers.

Stephanie has worked specifically as a Sales Manager since 2000. Every day she approaches life as an opportunity to learn, grown, and create. Because of her open-minded and dedicated nature, she has been able to meet sales goals and increase revenue year after year. She strives to continue to push our company to the next level with innovative lead generation, superior service, and an eye for talent.

Outside of work Stephanie has worked diligently to become a fifth-degree black belt martial artist, focusing specifically in Isshinryu Karate. Stephanie is also an avid CrossFitter and Runner. She competes in national CrossFit tournaments and has directed her very own races.

The strength and dedication she has learned in her personal practice has helped give her the work ethic necessary to be a high-performing sales professional.



Philanthropy & Education Expert

Mark Thurow is a Terre Haute native who, in his spare time enjoys photography and is a certified Pyrotechnical engineer.  

Here at Graphic FX, Mark specializes in Philanthropy & Education apparel as well as being the Greek Life Guru. 

Mark has a true passion for his work and takes great pride in the relationships he builds with his clients. Patience, Communication, Interaction & Experience are the basis for the client relationship. With his at-ease demeanor and adaptable workflow, Mark will work with you to have the best experience with apparel.



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