CrossFit is a HUGE customer type here at our facility. We love our CrossFitters and they love us. Though, not many customers realize that we can supply them with more than just shirts. In fact, we can print on almost ANYTHING that lays flat!

We print on hats, beanies, sweatpants, headbands, wristbands, socks, sunglasses, cups, medals, you name it and we can probably print on it!

Oh, you have a specific brand and type of beanie you’re wanting? Perfect! We have access to hundreds of brands and types of apparel for you! Just let us know what you’re wanting and we can get you a sample design and quote in no time!

Did we mention we have a real life CrossFit expert at our facility? We do! Stephanie has been in the fitness world for many years and she is very passionate about CrossFit. She knows everything from the best fitness apparel to what’s in season. Stephanie is your CrossFit apparel queen!

So, show some love to your members and get them some brand new fitness apparel! Call us at (812) 234-0000 to talk to Stephanie today!