Buy Early and SAVE

End of year 2022; Price increases are coming. This is a global increase all manufacturers have warned about. We expect prices to increase on most apparel on a global level before the end of the year.
Buy purchasing your crew’s gear NOW, you will save yourself from the end of year price hikes imposed by the manufacturers.

Best Customer Service

When you try our step-by-step online quote system,  we will personally review your info and give you the best options and best price points so you can decide what will work best for you. When you call us, we don’t have any call waiting robots…you get connected immediately to someone who will answer all your questions and get your order on track. We make it a point to be in daily contact personally with all of our customers!

Best Turn-Around Time

We understand that your business is tricky to plan. You may not even know how many shirts you need until close to the ship date. That is why we encourage everyone to get their quotes in early so we can plan ahead on styles and fabrics. When you work with Graphic FX, you can expect turn-around times of approximately 1 week or less once the design is approved!

Best Customer Rating

Our customers are very vocal about their happiness with our service. Most of our online reviews come directly from people like you across the entire United States!
Please check out our online 5-star reviews straight off Google! 

How it works:

Get your quote

Work with our talented artists and customer service rep to generate amazing artwork and design that you will love.

Schedule Print Date

Let us know when you need your shirts delivered and our super-fast turn-around system will schedule your order for production.

Get your shirts!

You will receive your amazing shirts in quality packaging, organized & folded, ready to wear, with a packing slip for your records.

Enjoy our 5-Star Customer Service

You will receive a confirmation of delivery, and we will personally check up on your shipment to ensure you are happy with your order. If you need reprints, we have ultra-fast re-order turn-around in place too!

Built in Advertisement

Use our Hanes Donation Program to advertise for FREE!

We have partnered up with Hanes and their Hanes 4 Education program.
When you order any Hanes gear from Graphic FX, Hanes will donate back a percent of your cost to a local school of your choosing!

Use this opportunity to generate a donation straight to the most popular school in your local area. Tag them on Social Media to spread the word and generate that sweet sweet viral business!

Bang for your buck

Don’t waste money buying retail! Cut out the middle man!

You can get name brand quality custom printed for less than blanks at the retail stores!

When you purchase your trades gear from us, you are tapping into our screen printer discount. We pass that savings on to you, the tradesman!

Want to buy that expensive all weather jacket from the retail store and get it customized? Well, come directly to us and save BIG TIME money!

From Scratch Designs

It’s OK if you don’t have pre-made vectorized graphics already. It’s also OK if you have no idea what “pre-made vectorized graphics” are! Our artists will take any idea, sketch, or scribble and turn it into a high-quality design.