What is a better way to keep your community clean than to have a campaign? Nothing. Terre Haute recently completed the Keep Terre Haute Beautiful Campaign and we were lucky enough to print their shirts! “Love where you live” was the tag line and we couldn’t agree more.

Over 20 volunteers made up of city officials, friends and families spent a weekend morning cleaning up the streets of the Wabash Valley. The mission of Keep Terre Haute Beautiful is to work with business leaders, government officials, organizations, residents, churches, schools and property owners to come up with a solution to solving the horrendous problem of trash on the streets and in the alleys.

Keep Terre Haute Beautiful is also a committee of TREES Inc. They create a cleaner and healthier community by educating others about the effects of litter.

This campaign happens every year and we are happy to say that the number of volunteers continues to grow! Keeping each and every community clean should be a daily concern and sadly, it is often overlooked. Thankfully campaigns and organizations like Keep Terre Haute Beautiful and TREES Inc. exist!

If you would like to know more about both of these organizations, check out their Facebook pages here

Keep Terre Haute Beautiful