Custom Lawn and Landscaping Shirts

Our custom shirts are as colorful as the grounds you keep!

Outfitting your crew in awesome shirts is important to you! Making the process quick, easy and affordable is important to me. I’d love to help boost your business and have your crew looking great, let’s get started.

The grass is greener when you work with Graphic FX!

We have 7 day turnaround with courteous & efficient service. No hidden fees! Our all-inclusive-pricing and in-house artists will get you and your crew working in style!

We make things simple with package deals!

I can create custom packages perfect for every season. This makes the ordering process streamlined and gives your crew what they need. We can tailor the packages to your specific needs and time of the year. As an example, you can have a fall/winter package with two long sleeve tees, one pullover hoodie, one jacket and one knit cap for each crew member. Then for the spring/summer you can offer three t-shirts, a tank top and a baseball cap. Or you can go ahead and create a year round package with all of those options. We can change it up to offer them more or less of a certain item, whatever works best for your business. And of course you can add safety apparel to any of those packages with Hi-Viz vests, jackets, shirts and more.


No Hidden Fees

No Setup Charges

Free Artist Review

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Let us create an amazing design for you!

Here are just a few of the lawn care shirts we have designed for businesses just like yours!

Inspired by a design above?

Tell us your ideas for your design. Our art team will create something personalized for you.


What can custom shirts do for you?

Safety is Essential

Having all of your crew in Hi-Viz colors will make them stand out against the hustle and bustle of a busy work sight. Not only keeping them visible to their co-workers and others on the team, but also in plain sight of motorists as they travel by. We know that the safety of your crew members is your highest priority, and we want to make that easier. We have several Hi-Viz colors with reflective options both as an ingrained part of the garment and in vinyl and inks that we can use to further increase their visibility. Whether they are working near the road on a dreary day, or on a job site when the day is getting dark, they will be easy to see and kept all the safer for it.

Unity and Identification

Once you decide on what colors and shirt style you want to outfit your crew in, the next hurdle is showing a unified crew that not only stays safe, but shows where they belong. We help with that by printing your logo on your shirts. This will make it easy for you to spot your crew members when working on a joint venture with another company.

Advertising and Promotion

Not only will the eye-catching colors and graphics on your shirts keep the crew safe and unified, but will also promote your company to passersby. It will help to keep your company visible and at the top of your customers’ minds. You could even get extra shirts to give out to your valued clients as a thank you for their business.

“We have been working exclusively with Graphic FX for all our uniform needs. Not only do they have quality products, but they have them for the best price. They are always quick to respond, produce, and deliver whatever you need. Their design team also did an amazing job helping us re-design and update our company logo for better recognition. Most of our orders are screen printed T-shirts and sweaters, but we have also been pleased with their embroidery. We look forward to continuing our work with Graphic FX!”

-Erin Woehlke
Abell Nursery & Landscape

“The staff are extremely helpful and willing to offer advice, working with a simple shirt idea to make it a work of art. Delivery was right on time to show them off at my event. Overall, they have excellent staff and quality shirts.”

-Jeffrey Himmelblau

Web Stores Will Make Your Life Easier!

Some of the hardest parts about getting custom shirts for your business is collecting all the details. You have to make a list of everyone’s sizes and tally up all the quantities. That is a lot to deal with, especially when you are already busy with running your business and other responsibilities. Well, with a custom Web Store all that hassle goes away. We will handle all of those details starting with creating a web store with your shirt options, colors and design. Then we will take the orders and tally the sizes. All you have to do is discuss your needs with me and I’ll set up the store. Give the store link to your crew so they can order their sizes and then I’ll arrange for printing and delivery.

Need More than Shirts?

I offer more than just apparel! I have 1,000’s of other promotional items available for your business operation or as giveaways – yard signs, bags, cups, stickers and much more. Let me help you find that perfect giveaway item that will promote your business without breaking your budget.


Quality and Fast Turnaround - Guaranteed

I can get you the shirts you need when you need them. I will treat your time with the respect and kindness that you deserve. I know that your days are already filled with responsibilities and I strive to make this task as easy as it possibly can be.

Say Hello to Karen! See what quality is like.

Your personal customer service agent, Karen, is an expert on everything lawn care apparel. No commitments or misleading info, she is just passionate about her job, and passionate about helping hard working people!