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The 2020 CrossFit Open Starts October 10th!

Start your design process today to make sure you get the absolute best designs and have the most time to work with our talented team!

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Custom Design and Prints for Only $18 Each!

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We expect a HUGE turnout for the 2nd open of the year. The sooner your order, the easier it will be to deliver your shirts on time!

Show off in style!

Athlete or Coach Back Prints

Add “Athlete” or “Coach” back prints to your shirts for only $1 each (Normally $2)! Let your Athletes and Coaches stand out this Open.

Bella Canvas TriBlend


Click below to view shirt specs and color options. (Opens in a new window)


Click below to view shirt specs and color options. (Opens in a new window)

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Once we quote you a ship date, and you approve your proof, we will ship your order on the agreed upon time.

We know the stress of getting your order delivered on time for your event can be a hassle.

We double check our shirt stock, printing schedule, and account for any potential delays before quoting you a ship date.

If you have any questions about your ship date, or delivery, we have live staff available during business hours to get you all the answers you need!


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99% of our orders are ordered, printed, and delivered without any delays.

When the very rare delay or issue may arise, we see it as an opportunity to become a hero!
Some of the best reviews come from orders that pose a challenge.

We are extremely proud of our customer service representatives, and we know once you work with them, you will be another raving customer!

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GraphicFX is not affiliated with CrossFit, Reebok, or WIT Fitness. The products and designs shown here are not official CrossFit apparel. GraphicFX provides services to create customized screen prints on high quality and comfortable shirt styles of various brands.
You must be an official CrossFit location to order custom printed shirts with any CrossFit logos. By placing your custom printing order with GraphicFX, you authorize the temporary use of your CrossFit logo to print for your official location’s use only.