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We embrace the “We help you stand out” motto at Graphic FX. Scroll down to see how our 5 star customer service team stands out to deliver you the best customer service in the industry!

5 Star Customer Service Representatives

Each of our customer service representatives showcase unique talents and backgrounds. Take a moment and read more about your customer service rep to see how and why they go above and beyond!

Chad McKay

Chad McKay

Owner / Founder

Chad is the owner of Graphic FX. He has been in the industry for 20 years. Alongside his wife, Chad has built Graphic FX from scratch with their focus on quality production and customer service at heart of what they do!

Stephanie McKay

Stephanie McKay

Fitness & Racing Expert

Stephanie is best known as the co-owner of Graphic FX. For the past 20 years she has worked alongside an excellent team to build our brand and create the best possible product for our loyal customers.

Stephanie has worked specifically as a Sales Manager since 2000. Every day she approaches life as an opportunity to learn, grown, and create. Because of her open-minded and dedicated nature, she has been able to meet sales goals and increase revenue year after year. She strives to continue to push our company to the next level with innovative lead generation, superior service, and an eye for talent.

Outside of work Stephanie has worked diligently to become a fifth-degree black belt martial artist, focusing specifically in Isshinryu Karate. Stephanie is also an avid CrossFitter and Runner. She competes in national CrossFit tournaments and has directed her very own races.

The strength and dedication she has learned in her personal practice has helped give her the work ethic necessary to be a high-performing sales professional.

Jamie Hashman

Jamie Hashman

On-Site Event Expert

Jamie Hashman is the CEO and Founder of IDesignables custom bag tags. She joined our team here at Graphix FX and has been our Business Developer and Director of our on-site event sales also known as On-site Express. While she spends most of her time working with event directors, coordinating apparel for their event, she is also one of our Sales Executives and works with many businesses on providing them with apparel for their organization. With her ambitious and creative mindset, she is always looking for new ideas to grow.

With 15 years of experience in customer service, and 8 years of managing on-site event sales, and 4 years managing her company, she can tailor her skill to meet the needs of our clients. After developing her own business plan, Jamie has teamed up with us to develop our on-site apparel sales. She has developed our event directors benefit plan, our sales representative commission structure, and continues to manage and train our sales team. With keen eye for detail, she has developed an eye-catching kiosk that has been designed to be efficient for customers and our sales team. Jamie also keeps our merchandise up to date, following the latest fashion trends.

With a very ambitious personality, Jamie enjoys audio-books and podcasts that help her grow, professionally, financially and personally. She is a natural problem solver and is great at finding resources to combat any issue that might occur in the office, at home or at an event. Her creative sense of humor and communication skills, help her connect with our clients on a personal level, leaving them with a memorable experience.

Jamie was inspired to work in on-site event sales because of her love for traveling and meeting new people. She is a big believer of living life to the fullest and enjoys the excitement that comes with traveling to a new city for the weekend. Being able to eat local food, shop local, go site seeing and meet new people, while working is what has driven her to take this career path. As much as she enjoys her office family, getting away to a new environment and a new adventure always makes for an exciting weekend.

When Jamie isn’t in the office or working at an event, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and her 2 dogs. You might also find her at home working out or planning her next healthy meal. Speaking of planning, she really enjoys planning special events and is known for being the party planner in her family. She is always finding a way to be creative. She also enjoys traveling outside of work and is very passionate about the beach, waterfalls and the mountains! She is all about being able to experience something new and make the most of life!

Karina Strohmeyer

Karina Strohmeyer

Union & Construction Expert

Karina Strohmeyer is a California native who loves to travel, partake in outdoor activities, and find new adventures along the way. Karina specializes in Union apparel, and oversees the public relations with Unions on a National level.

Karina uses her experiences as a successful business manager, and is known for outstanding client services. Her personal touches as a skilled Union rep shows her client’s best interest at heart. Karina believes strongly that is it not only her duty to represent her clients to the best of her abilities, but to also educate them with the best Union and safety apparel at every step of the process.

Unions with top notch information and inside can make the best decisions possible when buying Union Printed, Made in USA apparel.

Karina is honest and hardworking. She is extremely knowledgeable about all Union related custom apparel, signs, banners and more.

Karina is a firm believer in giving back. She is passionate about animal rescue and being an advocate for children. She volunteers with several organizations and has helped organize many summer camps for children with the YMCA.

In her free time, Karina likes to read, roller skate, cook, and practice yoga. She recently moved to Terre Haute, Indiana with her husband, who is a Marine veteran studying to be a mechanical engineer.



Philanthropy & Education Expert

Mark Thurow is a Terre Haute native who, in his spare time enjoys photography and is a certified Pyrotechnical engineer.  

Here at Graphic FX, Mark specializes in Philanthropy & Education apparel as well as being the Greek Life Guru. 

Mark has a true passion for his work and takes great pride in the relationships he builds with his clients. Patience, Communication, Interaction & Experience are the basis for the client relationship. With his at-ease demeanor and adaptable workflow, Mark will work with you to have the best experience with apparel.



Office Manager

Ashley is a Texas native who grew up in Terre Haute. She has over 5 years’ experience in nonprofit marketing as well as 11 years sales and management experience. Ashley serves as the Graphic FX office manager. In her role, she works on tasks such as, accounting, marketing and product acquisition. 
Ashley strives to leave every situation better than she found it. She does this by actively encouraging others, problem solving, and relying on those around her who are more experienced.


Ashley believes in the importance of community and giving back. She volunteers as the swim coach for Special Olympics Vigo County and helps local nonprofits whenever the opportunity arises. In her free time, Ashley enjoys cake decorating and reading, but her favorite thing to do is to sit with her husband and watch her son play football.



Patrick Trifone is an experienced manager who has recently brought his talents to Graphic FX. He is responsible for directing a team and creating and orchestrating an organized approach that handles all of the behind-the-scenes production needs of the business. They receive, track and ship out customer orders, preparing and printing those orders, and maintaining the conditions of a successful working environment. Patrick and his team make the magic happen,  pushing hard down to the wire day in day out, to create a product that they are proud of, and is known to delight each and every customer they get to serve. 


In his personal time, Patrick is a family man. He has a large family with his beautiful wife, 3 amazing children, and being an animal lover, their many pets. Most of his time is spent at home with his kids, or traveling around for a multitude of sports all 3 of his children participate in.  He enjoys travel, sports, and loves to stay busy.

A Word

From Our President

“I am proud of my team here at Graphic FX. We set out with the goal of helping other organizations and businesses succeed by providing them not only apparel, but great customer service and ideas. I am an advocate of honest and personable interactions with our clients. The team here at Graphic FX has taken that idea and ran with it. They have taken our motto of ‘We help you stand out’ to the next level, and I invite you to experience it first hand!”

– Chad McKay